Dark Mountain

The story of Dark Mountain was inspired by an old New Hampshire tale about the Dreadful Doc Benton. After the loss of his daughter to typhoid fever and his wife to suicide, Doctor Thomas Benton, full of rage and despair at his inability to save his loved ones, begins to look for ways to cheat death. Thus begins a dark, downward spiral of stealing corpses from the local graveyard, performing ghoulish experiments on them and dabbling in cannibalism. Many say he somehow found the secret to immortality before disappearing into the mountains sometime in the early 19th century. Now, two centuries later Matt, in search of his missing sister, inadvertently stumbles into Doc’s territory. His fate and that of Doc Benton’s are sealed when the two finally meet on Dark Mountain.

Teaser Trailer, Click to watch!

45 min. Horror.

2/2/2022 The premiere for Dark Mountain was a hit! A large amount of friends and fans showed up to check out the new film and were not disappointed. Everything went well until the fire alarms went off  10 minutes into the film! Everyone had to file out as the Plymouth Fire department tried to shut off the alarms. We were back in our seats in no time and luckily the rest of the night went off without a hitch:

Firetruck Footage

Dark Mountain will premiere February 2, 2022 at The Flying Monkey Movie House and Performance Center in Plymouth, NH. 7pm. Buy your tickets now https://www.flyingmonkeynh.com/events/dark-mountain/