Jamie Sharps

About Jamie

Jamie n fake ninja Jamie Sharps is a 40 year old Independent filmmaker that resides in Ashland, New Hampshire. Jamie was bit by the filming bug when his parents bought him a vhs-c camcorder as a high school graduation present. Jamie’s little sister starred in many short films where she and friends would shoot, punch, and kick each other like something out of a Three Stooges film.  In 2002 Jamie enrolled in a New York Film Academy seminar. Running around the streets of Greenwich Village and Union Square Using 16mm Arriflex cameras, Jamie shot three short black and white films. When Jamie returned home he started writing and shooting his first film “Half Dead”.

Half Dead

Jamie pulled together a cast of old friends who had no idea what kind of torture they would be put through. After getting permission to shoot at a majestic farmhouse Jamie talked the caretaker  into letting him spray fake blood on the walls, smash windows, and break down doors in return for an acting role. The end result was a raw, campy thriller that was selected to premiere at the New Hampshire Film Festival in Portsmouth, NH and the S.N.OB. Film Fest in Concord, NH in 2005.


Tucker’s Crossing

With his first film under his hat and learning to write, produce, and direct through trial and error, Jamie was now more prepared to shoot “Tucker’s Crossing”. With a stronger storyline and having some of the cast with theater experience, things went much smoother. The majority of the film was shot outdoors and mother nature can be very unforgiving . Bitten by bugs, constant rain and lighting changes was hard to endure but we somehow pulled through. “Tucker’s Crossing” premiered at the S.N.O.B. Film Festival in 2007 and won for Best Horror Film at the three day event.

Tucker's Crossing PosterRSCN1086

The Bigfoot Diaries

A mockumentary film that poked fun of the Bigfoot loving subculture and reality shows about the mythical creature, “The Bigfoot Diaries” was released in 2009. Richard Miller starred as the leader of a Bigfoot expedition set out to find evidence of Sasquatch in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.