Strange Birds

In this new outrageous comedy from director Jamie sharps a cast of Strange Birds gets embroiled in a wild game of cat and mouse that will keep you guessing until the very end. Hardened investigator Joe Drebin arrives from the big city to help his Uncle Dusty solve a local murder in his sleepy New Hampshire town. Joe teams up with Dusty’s odd duck neighbor Bob to take on a wild cast of greedy psychopaths to uncover the murder and recover a stolen painting. Joe is tough but can he defeat the likes of the evil Fräulein Hefenreefer, the outrageous and deeply disturbed Russell, and the diabiolical Greta Van Helda? Not to mention an army of masked goons and a ferret with an attitude. Starring Hannah Cabell (Fräulein Hefenreefer), a rising star that’s performed on Broadway and starred in several TV shows and feature films like Blue Bloods (2020), Mr Robot (2015), Luce (2019), The Good Fight (2017), The Blacklist (2021), Madam Secretary (2018), etc! Check out her website here:

6 Part Series ready to watch on Youtube meow!

Episode 4 – Strange Birds: The Drug Bust

Episode 5 – Strange Birds: The Double Cross

Episode 6 – Strange Birds: The Escape

Production Stills:

Caite and Scott doing their best Travolta/Cage Face Off. 🙂


Scott Bissell as Detective Joe Drebin

Caite Foley as Greta Van Helda

Matthew Dean Fletcher as Russell Van Helda

Hannah Cabell as Fräulein Von Heffenreefer

Richard Miller as Dusty Miller

Robert Caggiano as Bob

Chris Cann as the Blue Demon

Reginald the Ferret as Reginald

Carlos Rodriguez as El Santo

Leah Palmiter as Ski Mask Maniac 1

George Standing Bear as Ski Mask Maniac 2 and Bigfoot

Poor Bob: