The Bigfoot Diaries

From writer/director Jamie Sharps (Tucker’s Crossing) comes the mockumentary The Bigfoot Diaries!

With a rash of recent Sasquatch sightings in the white mountains of New Hampshire, senior resident Dusty Miller takes it upon himself to unleash ”Operation Nail Bigfoot”, a five man expedition team determined to capture video footage, collect hair samples, and search for footprints left by the elusive primate. But as the team soon realizes, hunting for Bigfoot isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be! As things fall apart fast Dusty desperately tries to keep the team together without losing his own mind in the process!
With relentless humor and fun, The Bigfoot Diaries is an Independent film audiences of all ages will enjoy. Look for it everywhere, it was recently released by MVD Visual on Sept 29, 2015.




(running time 75 min.)


  • Richard Miller
  • Alan Gilman
  • Mandy Boyne
  • Ryan Macdonald
  • Matt Bucklin
  • Jamie Sharps
  • Tate Conkey
  • Kelly Sharps
  • Dori Corbett
  • Jeff Sawin
  • Linda Robinson
  • Joe Macdonald
  • Lauren Olena
  • Joanna Kinsella
  • Reggie Provencher

bigfoot_crew3 bigfoot_crew2 bigfoot_crew1