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Sept 29, 2015. Zombie Boy has been officially picked up by MVD Visual and being distributed everywhere in North America. Here’s the new artwork by MVD. I love it, they made Matt look like a complete psychopath:



Feb 2013:

Over 300 people showed up for the premiere of Zombie Boy and sold out within a half hour of the doors opening! The manager was shocked and didn’t realize there would be so many walk-ins for the premiere. It was a fantastic event and Jamie ended the night with a Q&A after showing 7 minutes of outtakes from the film.

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Zombie Boy has been submitted to 15 film festivals so far and we are nervously waiting to see if we break into one. Some include Austin, Starz Denver, S.N.O.B., New Hampshire, Slamdance, Sundance, and Malibu.

Jamie is thrilled to announce his new action/comedy film “Zombie Boy”. The film premieres at The Flying Monkey and Performance Center Saturday February 22 at 7pm. The Flying Monkey is located on Main Street in Plymouth, NH.
Paying Homage to the Spaghetti Westerns of the 60’s and 70’s, Zombie Boy is a thrill a minute Independent film shot on a shoestring budget that took two years to complete. After successfully shooting and editing two feature length films for ©Academy Award-winning writer Ernest Thompson, Jamie took the experience he learned from his mentor and began shooting Zombie Boy in the summer of 2012. The film is finally ready for release and the trailer has been up and running on youtube for a month with over 45,000 hits.

All Kyle Brew ever wanted to do was to be left alone, but his life changes forever when he meets up with “Zombie Boy”. After being injected with green serum, Max turns into a beer chugging Zombie and Kyle is forced to take him under his wing at his farmhouse. Kyle’s deadbeat dad Dusty Brew shows up after being kicked out of his retirement home and to make matters worse the boys are spied on by a pistol packing blond named Porsche. Frank, one of the most hateful and despicable villains to ever walk the Earth, invades Kyle’s farm along with his ski mask maniacs and a killer named Mr Greenfield. A climactic shootout and epic duel will keep audiences glued to their seats to the very end!

Plymouth Marquee

Zombie Boy shooting his .45

Frank and Mr. Greenfeld (the villains).


Katy Shoenweiss and Al Gilman

Original poster artwork by Leah Nelson:

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